Jan Gruner
About me

Minecraft avatarMy name is Jan Gruner and I live with my family in Broumov, a small town in the northeast of the Czech Republic. I study at the multi-year grammar school in Broumov, where I am interested in subjects such as mathematics and physics. In my free time, I am engaged in various activities related to my programming hobby. I also like to play the computer game Minecraft, in which I create my own worlds and program various functions in it. I can program in C, C++ and Python, which I teach at the nearby free time center Ulita Broumov. There I have my programming club for children and youth, where I show them the basics and advanced techniques of programming in Python. I also have a Youtube chanel under the nickname "Daxicek" where I sometimes upload videos about Minecraft. Programming is not only fun for me, but also a passion that I would like to develop in the future. I recently got an Arduino, with which I create various projects in my spare time (see Projects).
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